Tsongo Lake or Changu Lake at an altitude of above 3700M (12000ft) is an Alpine lake known for its natural beauty. With a distance of 35kms from Capital Gangtok the lake is one of the primary tourist attractions. 

The Tsongo Lake is situated on the old trade route between Tibet an India at a distance of 20kms from the Indo – China border Nathula. 

Even before 1965 the caravan of mules carrying loads of goods used to travel in this road for the trading with China. 

City of Lasha in Tibet is just 500kms from here. A placid and clear water body surrounded by steep rocky hills on all sides the lake provides a great visual treat on a clear day.

During winter the most of the lake gets frozen and with the snow covered hills and conifer forests surrounding the lake becomes a dreamland in a fairytale. 

The lake is surrounded by a footpath and one can enjoy a walk around the lake to take good photos. Tsongo Lake is also a natural place for breeding Rainbow Trout.

There are several tea shops or snacks counter around the lake and during the tourist months in April – June the entire area becomes crowed with 1000s of tourists coming from Gangtok to enjoy the serene beauty. 

The tourists can hire snow boots and jackets from the local shops for a walk among the snow and also can take an exciting Yak ride around the lake.

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