Namastey from TEEN TALEY

Teentaley Eco Resort- Not a Hotel but an organic experience of Real Sikkim, Rural Sikkim You open your eyes in a small and cosy bamboo cottage that smells of clay and cardamom. Just another morning in a timeless village where nothing happens otherwise. In Teentaley we invite you to such inner landscapes. Just relax, be one with the host family, enjoy their home-grown organic food, know their traditional livelihood and the many traditions, interact with the people around – in a word, dissolve your own sense of space. Teentaley Eco Resort in east Sikkim is ideally set for an authentic rural experience. Very close to the buzzing modern capital town Gangtok yet very far from the stereotype structure of modern civilisation. Here you wake up with the birds song and sleep with the sound of silence.

Tumbas (bamboo containers with chi or millet beer) are offered. You follow the bungthing to the little village gumpha. Lilting voices of the praying women around the altar mingle with the mild flutter of the prayer flags. With a sprawling landscape garden, a farm house and privet forest Teentaley Eco Resort welcome you to experience a unique hospitality that you will cherish for years.


12 well appointed rooms with comfortable furnishing will provide you the desired comfort where the basic becomes a luxury. Each room has a privet shower with H&C water, spacious room with room heater. Balcony in most of the room is a bonus as you spend your leisure hours watching the vast valley that plays with the floating clouds.

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